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Movement at the Faces

While the business management department of Ampersand wages the wages war and drums up funds, we are very happy to announce that our second issue, Janus Faces, has confirmed contributions from:

Willoh S. Weiland, in the form of a DVD supplement of her 2008 Next Wave work ‘Yelling At Stars.’ This is outrageously great as the work has had no previous release after that evening’s performance and transmission.

Erik Kessels, mastermind of KesselsKramer, an Amsterdam ad agency that is going to get a massive rap at a Carriageworks week-long event mid-June.

And Sprego, an incredible Tokyo-based artist and print-maker.

I’d like to give a quiet round of applause to Eddie Sharp for his presentation at Penguin Plays Rough last Saturday night. Eddie gave a talk about his article for Ampersand on ‘Ned Kelly’s Last Stand’, an animatronic museum in Glenrowan. It was excellent.

Fuck You Once, Sprego, to appear in Janus Faces