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In the paper, Mum

Last Sunday editor Alice Gage was featured in the Age in an article about crowdfunding. Read it here.

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Magazine progress … a blog post

So, to recap. We had a bunch of advance copies freighted in early from the printer to make the Melbourne launch the week before last. And yesterday the rest of the shipment arrived.

mags2(A few of the 30 boxes.)

Now we have the delightfully brainless task of sticking one of five different pictures on to the covers of each and every one of them.


Using these sticky dots…


Erik at work last night.


So we end up with a magazine with five covers.


That we can send off to our readers. The new self-inking stamp is a marvel of traditional technologies.


As we are doing this, as of yesterday, we are posting. So subscribers, Pozible supporters and regular online shoppers will all be receiving their copies by the beginning of next week. And the magazine will appear in stores from this weekend into the week.


Off to the post office!

Thank you to all supporters of our Pozible campaign

pozible ampersand

Friends, thank you so very much! We are absolutely delighted, and so very grateful to the people who supported the campaign, and to those who spread the word.

With this boost, we’re going to be able to pay for printing and overheads and not end up dying alone in a skip in an alley off Flinders Lane, which was the fate we were looking at three weeks ago.

We can’t wait to get this bird a’flyin.

If you didn’t get to pre-order issue 6, or pick up some back issues, you can do those things from here.

Again, so many thanks.– Alice Gage

Ampersand is crowdfunding – pre-order Issue 6 and help us pay for printing costs

We need your help. Pre-order Issue 6 for $15.
Buy some back issues.
We would really, really appreciate it.