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Update on the liquidisation of Fisher Library (Sydney University)

Huon-FisherLibraryFisher Library stacks, 27 August 2013. Photo by Huon Curtis.

In 2011 we published ‘The Optimisation of Fisher Library’ by Adam Jasper Smith, which discussed the removal of hundreds of thousands of books from the library (one of the largest open stacks in the world) to create “more open learning spaces” for students.

Ampersand friend Huon Curtis gave us this update yesterday:

“Today I went to retrieve a book about the history of the modern corporation from level 6 of Fisher Library. The reason? To prepare a lecture on corporate restructuring for masters’ students. Opposite the section housing the 330s (economics) and 340s (law) were the remnants of the 390s: the Dewey decimal class dedicated to customs, etiquette and folklore. All that remained was the dusty shadows of the missing bookshelves. Fittingly, there were a few persistent rusty cigarette butts from the days when you could still smoke while browsing the 397s (outcast studies).”

Many thanks to Huon for this chilling vision.

Read Adam Jasper Smith’s article here.