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JF launch round-up

Writing this from a suite at the Galle Face Hotel, Colombo. Suck it.

The Janus Faces launch at Bill & George in Redfern was motherflippn great. Thanks to the hard work of the I Can Draw You A Picture crew, who set up a mindbending contortionistic network of cables and projectors and cameras, we had a Chat Roulette lab running in a side room being projected into the main room. It was hosted by Sexy Time – a two-man fortune telling team – and Eduardo Internet, the inventor of the World Wide Web who lives inside a microchip in Silicone Valley that was animated into a man just for the event. Unfortunately SPOD was sick, which was mega crap because he is sick as in sick not sick-sick, which he actually was aswell.

As far as the Chat Roulette went, amongst the plethora of masturbators we were visited by a 12-year-old boy who contended he was born with an AK for a dick, a girl that thought she was on an Australian ‘Candid Camera’ style TV show, a young man that came out to us and whom was counselled about how to tell his parents, and many others. It was all on.

We had readings by Ampersand contributor Lisa Pryor and special guest speaker, Cammeray and MCd perfectly by Jess Cook.

The BBQ snags and beers were endless, and one must have cancelled out the other because everyone was very well behaved, aside from the neighbour from over the street who accused the director of Bill & George of being responsible for Redfern’s heroin problem and threw a bottle at Sam Hodge’s head.

Thanks so very much to all who made the night possible and all who attended. It was just splendid and a perfect foray for Janus Faces.

If you weren’t able to make it and would like a copy of the magazine you can purchase it from this website in the ‘Buy’ page, or find it at a bookshop or gallery near you (check the ‘Buy’ page for stockists).

More photos here on Two Thousand. Awesome, we all look so much hotter in these photos than we are in real life.

Less flattering shots on the ‘Events’ page of this site and here on Facebook.

Janus Faces Sydney launch April 1st!

You’re invited!