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I spend a lot of money on magazines. A lot. Too much. But does a painter paint without paint? No way, that’s impossible and it makes no sense. So I thought considering the monetary value of my ever-growing collection and the amount of time I spend pouring over each one, thieving ideas and scoffing in turn, that I may as well do something tangible with the fetish and make good use of why the scientists made the internet. So impassioned bad writers could publicise their opinions.

So here we have Rack. It’s for the publishing and small press nerds. You might find something you’d like to pick up yourselves. That’s all.

Future Human

Photos of our first Future Human event are now up here.

A “beautiful, idiosyncratic publication” – review in The Australian

Reviewed alongside a couple of other fantastic independent publications from Sydney: Seizure and the UTS Writers’ Anthology.

Read it here.

You can’t stop progress – @AmpersandMag

We are now on Twitter. Tweeting. All day long. Like Kim Kardashian. Just one more thing we have in common.

Ampersand presents Future Human – July 21, 8.30pm at Surry Hills Library

Ampersand Magazine presents Future Human #1
Gimcrack Journalism: Outsourcing, axing and the fragmentation of the newsroom.

Surry Hills Library
July 21, 2011, 8.30 pm

Richard Ackland
Peter Atkinson (Pagemasters)
Peter Smith (Financial Times)
Elmo Keep (Hungry Beast)

At the end of May this year, Fairfax sacked 82 sub-editors and production managers in favour of outsourcing to global editorial assembly line Pagemasters. In the US, top-flight investigative journalists are deserting newspapers and forming their own not-for-profit newsrooms. What will happen to quality reporting when the newsroom is finally dismantled? And do media graduates stand a chance of finding interesting work in this rapidly evolving economy, or are they doomed to blogging and streaming inane feuilleton?


Ampersand Magazine is very excited to present the first event of a new talks series, Future Human.

A hugely popular event from London, Future Human reinvents the intellectual salon for a new age of radical change and innovation as four selected guest speakers and experts address a unique topic.

Ampersand has joined up with our pal Dan Stacey, co-founder of the London event, and together have plans to make the night ongoing and monthly here in Sydney.

For this first event, we have been invited by regular Ampersand contributor and sometimes contributing editor, Eddie Sharp, to curate a night for the Surry Hills Library ‘Late Night Library’ series.

‘A blend of intimacy, anarchy and intellectual nourishment… the salon has arrived in the 21st century’ – The Sunday Times



Facebook event here.

Ampersand contributor Guo Jian speaks about the Chinese Government’s crackdown on artists

The Chinese Government’s crackdown on artists creating work deemed too controversial or critical are experiencing further heat from police.

In late June, Ampersand contributor Guo Jian spoke to both the New York Times and CNN about the situation in Beijing and how his art threatens the regime.

New York Times article
June 22, 2011

CNN newsreport (video)
June 26, 2011

Guo’s website.

From the good people of Blackbird Corner, Newcastle

Thanks to Nici at Blackbird Corner for sending us this. What a beautiful shop you have.

You wish to go to the Festival? [ALL THREE] The Festival? The King’s Festival?

Alice Gage and Pip Smith of Penguin Plays Rough at the EWF small press fair.

The Emerging Writers’ Festival was a bit of a treat last weekend – a great chance for a tremendous amount of geeks to converge and talk about fonts and paper thickness.

After the indie publishing workshop at the Wheeler Centre on Saturday, which we re-named ‘Are you an idiot? You want to start a magazine? Presented by Ampersand Magazine and dogs wearing clothes’ (which no doubt proved invaluable to the publishing-aspirant attendees, example slide below) we hosted a small press social drinking event and had some great chats with folks from Vignette Press, Visible Ink (RMIT Journal) and our friend Pip Smith from Penguin Plays Rough.

On Sunday Penguin Plays Rough and Ampersand had to endure each others’ company for another 5 hours WHICH WAS A PLEASURE. The whole day was a pleasure, actually, if not a bit chilly. We made lots of new friends, including Death of a Scenester, a great lit-zine and Lachlann Carter from Pigeons who is doing amazing stuff with kids and literature. Artist Tai Snaith came to say hello as did Telia Nevile and Tom Doig who were a part of the 48 Hour Play Generator performances (which only some of us could go to because some of us had to be on the bloody stall).

Anyway it was a fantastic nerd convention and great fun! Thank you Emerging Writers’ Festival and Lisa Dempster and the city of Melbourne!

This was the kind of nonsense the workshop was based around. Very informative. You should have been there.

Ampersand at the Emerging Writers’ Festival, Melbourne

Ampersand editor Alice Gage heads south to Melbourne this weekend to get involved in the excellent Emerging Writers’ Festival.

Saturday 4th June, 12.30-2.30 – Workshop: The Process, with Alice Gage of Ampersand Magazine
The Wheeler Centre
176 Little Lonsdale Street

Join us for a chat about independent publishing.

Sunday 5th June, 12.00 onwards – Page Parlour
The Atrium @ Federation Square

Featuring more than 40 stalls with a vast variety of indie books, literary journals, posters, hand-crafted story books, zournals, zines and much, much more!

Come, sit, read, walk and immerse yourself in some of the best independent, underground, obscure and locally produced publications. Get in before everyone else does and find your new ‘favourite’ as we showcase a wealth of undiscovered talent in our 2011 Page Parlour.

Should be great fun. Come down and say hi.

The Fade. Now in HD.