Future Human

Future Human – ‘the theatre of innovation’, a multi-platform media project that incorporates live events, books and digital experiences – was started in 2009 in London by Bad Idea co-editors Dan Stacey and Jack Roberts. It  went on to garner big audiences and a lot of buzz, being described by The Sunday Times as a ‘blend of intimacy, anarchy and intellectual nourishment… the salon has arrived in the 21st century’ and by the The Evening Standard as: ‘One of London’s top five talk events’.

Ampersand is hugely excited to be working with Dan, now he is on southern shores, as together we bring Sydney a new series of Future Human events and podcasts. Stay tuned to this page for all things Antipodean Future Human.


Future Human 1
Gimcrack Journalism: Outsourcing, axing and the fragmentation of the newsroom.

Surry Hills Library
July 21, 2011, 8.30 pm

Richard Ackland
Peter Atkinson (Pagemasters)
Peter Smith (Financial Times)
Elmo Keep (Hungry Beast)

At the end of May this year, Fairfax sacked 82 sub-editors and production managers in favour of outsourcing to global editorial assembly line Pagemasters. In the US, top-flight investigative journalists are deserting newspapers and forming their own not-for-profit newsrooms. What will happen to quality reporting when the newsroom is finally dismantled? And do media graduates stand a chance of finding interesting work in this rapidly evolving economy, or are they doomed to blogging and streaming inane feuilleton?

Presented by Future Human co-founder Daniel Stacey (editor of UK journal Bad Idea) and Ampersand Magazine.

Dan Stacey

Elmo Keep

Richard Ackland