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The Fade launch – Thursday May 5 at Serial Space

Poster by James Harney

Issue 3 – about a week away from taking over my garage

So very exciting. So very very very exciting.

Have a sneak peek right here (PDF download):

Pre-order here and be among the first to get it in your mits

Sydney launch – Thursday May 5 at Serial Space, with more details to come.

True Friendship at the Imperial Panda

Nick Coyle – a model and hacker

Some fascinating facets of true friendship were up for discussion last night at Ampersand’s event at the Imperial Panda Festival – ‘Informative Slideshows: True Friendship’.

Ampersand contributors Nick Coyle (Pig Island amongst other things) and Glen Walton (The Suitcase Royale) and editor Alice Gage explored the friendship a pug can bring, friendship on the internet and friendship’s natural enemy, betrayal. It was very silly.

More here.

Submissions now open for Issue 4

Ingeborg Tyssen Perisher Valley no 7 NSW, from the series From the heart of the forest to the edge of the road 1984.

Ampersand is looking for writers and artists to respond to the theme of Issue 4.

Its title is taken from that of a photographic series by Ingeborg Tyssen:
From the heart of the forest to the edge of the road.

It explores ideas of remoteness, beyond the city limits, the outskirts, the highway, the wild, silence, the borderlands, urban sprawl, disconnection, missions, ghost towns, gated communities, seaside caravan parks, life in the desert, the bush, the end of the river, country backyards, trains storming into the blackness and so on and on and whatever else you may conjure.

Visit the submissions guidelines page for more info.

Deadline for expressions of interest – March 25
Deadline for final work – April 15
Email submissions to the editor –

Art & Australia to publish Ampersand over 2011

We are very happy to announce the news that Art & Australia, one of Australia’s oldest and most respected visual arts magazines, has taken Ampersand under its wing for the duration 2011.

This means Ampersand will be quarterly as of the forthcoming issue, The Fade, and have the resources and space to focus on making great magazines instead of talking about making great magazines.

The partnership involves the distribution of The Fade (April), and the production of two issues: Issue 4 – From The Heart Of The Forest To The Edge Of The Road (due out July, submissions now open) and Issue 5 – Not Yet Named (due out October). There will be a bunch of other great things happening along the way, too, no doubt.

Ampersand listed on Colophon

Ampersand has popped up on one of the most comprehensive magazine databases in the world, Colophon. Hoping that means an invitation to their magazine symposium in Luxembourg is forthcoming (when it happens – the 2011 event was postponed – read about why here). Pretty bloody cool all the same.

We highly recommend all magazine geeks to check out the site:

Ampersand at Imperial Panda Festival, March 17


Ampersand joins with Sydney’s best and perhaps only (in my heart) theatre festival, Imperial Panda.

Informative Slideshows: True Friendship
Our three special guests come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common: they have all experienced true friendship. For one hour on one night of this, our one life, they will present a pictorial journey of their remarkable stories.

Glen Walton – a pug enthusiast
Nicholas Coyle – a model and hacker
Alice Gage – editor, Ampersand Magazine

Join us for this Powerpoint discovery of the human heart and an hour of pure baloney.

Good God Small Club
55 Liverpool St, Chinatown, Sydney
March 17

More details here.

Also, we HIGHLY recommend checking out the rest of the festival, if you’re in town. In fact, we demand it. Imperial Panda mounts arguably the best new stuff being produced in this country, and unless you don’t understand English or you are in a coma or you hate to have a great time, you should make it your business to be there. Too pushy? Well what you call pushy, I call passionate, okay?

Issue 3 – The Fade, on its way

Emily Hunt, Plate 5 from the series Sixteen Straws.

What the bloody hell is The Fade? Well if you settle down and listen for a second you might find out. I’m talking to you, Steven and co., up the back there. Not funny, mate, I’ll be seeing you at lunchtime if you keep it up.

The Fade is uncertainty, powerlessness, will, remembering, forgetting, desire, decay, grand and humble histories, fate and fear. And, as they say in only the best department store catalogues, so much more:

Alyssa McDonald on the missing.
Craig Schuftan on the cyclical nature of pop music.
Robert Kastenbaum on the moment of death.
Eddie Sharp on a 73-year-old’s animatronic museum.
Lucy Kaldor on the Victorian (state and era) obsession for the world’s biggest tree.
Darren Hanlon on remembering.
Nick Sun on losing your mind.
Emily Hunt envisages ‘Sixteen Straws’ by The Drones.
Laura Jean answers a 1957-1967 Oxford Men’s College entrance exam question.
Claudia O’Doherty reviews cheap psychics.

And also, work by SPOD, Guo Jian, Alli Sebastian Wolf, Martin Slattery, Chris Mikul, Katie Breckon, Ei Kaneko, Nagai Masato, Rudyard Kipling, Jon Jureidini, Edward Summerton, Adam Hill and the winning pictures from Capture The Fade.

The Fade is due for release in mid-April and it’s a beauty.

Pre-order here.

Ahoy there art writers

SuperKaleidoscope is an artist initiative created to represent young contemporary artists by facilitating temporary exhibitions and special projects, in both Australia and abroad.

They are doing some really great stuff, and are on the look out for visual art writers, so check them out if you’re in the biz.

My computer is on the internet!

Chin Flap Sat Chat

Join us tomorrow (Saturday the 27th) for an artist talk at 3pm at the Paper Mill, featuring Capture The Fade winners McLean Stephenson, Simon Greiner, Lucy Parakhina, and Jack Jeweller, with Ampersand editors Simone Mandl and Alice Gage.

We will be discussing the speech Bill Henson gave at the opening of the exhibition last week.

Also it’s the last chance to see the pictures!