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Tonight! Our international premiere.

We’re very excited about the big night tonight, and if you are in Melbourne please do come along!

With Bill Henson, Angie Hart, Helen Razer, Laura Jean McKay, Darren Hanlon and Kate Holden, hosted by Nick Coyle.

1000 Pound Bend
361 Little Lonsdale St

TheFade2These turkeys will not be in attendance. They are from Sydney. They are merely a prop to illustrate how much fun might be had at an Ampersand launch. Also, good fashions.

Hallo! And happy new year.

We are still here! Thank you for being so patient. 2012 was a busy year and we’re almost finished putting together a new issue, number 6, ‘Love’. It’s a real cracker. When it lands in March you can expect to see the words and pictures of:

Bill Henson
Angie Hart
John Elder
Darren Hanlon
Kate Holden
Georgia Metaxas
Paul Knight
Bob Ellis
Laura Jean McKay
Amber Wallis
Sam Wallman
Patrick Stokes
Alexi Willemsen
Lucy Lehmann
Frances Chapman
Jesse Cox
Thomas Henning
Emily Hunt and Raquel Welsh
Catherine Ross
Simon Greiner
Amanda Van Gils

We’re very excited and proud of the issue and can’t wait to see it in the flesh.

Stay tuned for launch and release dates!