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Bill Henson on Melbourne in the 80s

In Issue 6, we ran a sequence of Bill Henson’s early work – Untitled 1980-81. The photographs were a part of his second exhibition at the NGV; he was 25 years old. They depict the people of Melbourne rushing through the city.



For the launch of the issue we asked Bill to talk about Melbourne in the 80s. We asked him to talk about the places he frequented, what it was that he loved about the city and how it has changed.

Introduced by Ampersand regular Nick Coyle as Bill Hanson.


If you are on a mobile device or having trouble viewing, here’s the direct link: 

Simon Greiner Retrospective, 2008 – present

By Alice Gage

Photo 65Picture of a draft sketch that Simon emailed me for the series ‘Postcards From Perth’ to accompany ‘Perth, Australia’ by Julian Hewitt (issue 3, The Fade, Spring 2010)

I thought, given Simon’s momentous achievement last week, that it was a good time to put on a bit of a digital retrospective of the incredible work he has done for Ampersand since 2008 – his work appears in every issue but number 5.

Simon is Ampersand’s resident illustrator. He and I have been friends since we met at Sydney University in 2001.

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Simon Greiner is a living legend

We’re thrilled to congratulate Ampersand resident illustrator Simon Greiner for winning the 2013 New Yorker’s Eustace Tilley contest – his hilarious artwork will be featured on the cover of next week’s bumper issue. Just to be clear, I said THE NEW YORKER COVER.

Of course you’ll be able to see Simon’s work in the next issue of Ampersand, also.

Amazing, Simon!