Issue 5 – Eleventh Hour

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& Things

Letters to the editor

A time travellers’ guide

Oxford men’s college entrance exam questions 1957-67 As Answered by Contemporary Musicians
Dan Kelly – Question 1. What features of life in contemporary Britain disquiet you the most?

What do you know?
Reg Wilson – The endangered pleasure of total darkness



Michael Bracewell – For Immediate Release: Time machine wheel clamped

Eric Hanson – The Grand Gesture and Other Thoughts About Graduation

John Birmingham – The New Deal

Mark Sutton – Webster’s Ghost

Amelia Stein – The 1968 Editors and Writers War Tax Protest



Hugh Nichols – Dead’s Skull: The popular appeal of black metal

Deborah May Birch – Hairy Palms and the Little Death: A combined history of masturbation and the hirsute

Toby Schmitz – Playing Soldiers (with selected images from the series ‘Boys with guns’ by Prudence Murphy)

Thomas Henning – Somewhere in Africa: Chapter One



Soda_Jerk – mixed media, ‘Mystic Truths’

Lillian O’Neil – collage, ‘Love Bomb’

Sebastian Meyer – photojournalism, ‘Libya 2011′

Ralph Myers – theatre set design, ‘Empty Sets’

Rosita Holmes – mixed media, ‘Mirror’

Camilla Tadich – painting, ‘Twilight’

Joseph Bowman – drawing, ‘Buildings’

Eric Hanson – drawing, ‘Gestures’

Alice Gage – found photographs, ‘Old Photos’

Øivin Horvei – zine, ‘U Are A Chef’



Camilla Palmer – In the Time of Dying



Jess Cook – Beauty of the Backyard, Chapters Two, Three and Four

Bonny Cassidy – Autoptics

Ben Ezra – Flesh Gavel



James Harney – Ampersand Font