Issue 4 – From the Heart of the Forest to the Edge of the Road

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& Things

Letters to the editor
Actual letters to Alice Gage

A time travellers’ guide
Community notices

Oxford men’s college entrance exam questions 1957-67 as answered by contemporary musicians
Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint) – Question 9. If the world is both over-populated and underfed, why are we so opposed to cannibalism?

Out of printUp and Down the Sydney Road: The romance of the Hume Highway
Beresford Rea, 1958

Obituary – Benjamin Harrison: Toll booth operators

AppendixStories from production



Tommy Murphy – Again, Before, After (with selected images from ‘The male grooming series’ by Prudence Murphy)

Bob Brown – Rhapsody of Oura Oura (Read full text)

Julian Hewitt – Perth, Australia (with illustrations by Simon Greiner)



Amelia Groom – Image Breaking, Remaking and Faking

Adam Jasper Smith – The Optimisation of Fisher Library (Read full text)

Fabian Muir – The Ghost Towns of Chernobyl



Tjala Arts artists, Central Australia – Tjukurpa (Creation Time Stories)

Leigh Rigozzi – The Incredible Adventures of Leigh Rigozzi

Tracey Moffatt – Plantation

Anna Kristensen – Monuments

Craig Reynolds – Summer // 2011

Lucy Parakhina – June

Tom Polo – Assortment

John O’Neil – Ash Wednesday



Thomas Henning – Horror Story: Dear Eddie

Roy Bosch – The Shark



Jess Cook – Beauty of the Backyard, Chapter One: 1978

Nick Coyle – As I Was Walking Through the Bush (Read full text)



My Darling Patricia – Posts in the Paddock