Issue 3 – The Fade

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Letters to the editor
Letters to the editors of entirely different publications, in different countries and at different points of history

A time travellers’ guide

Oxford men’s college entrance exam questions 1957-67 as answered by contemporary musicians
Laura Jean – Question 5. ‘Go West, young man.’ Is this still good advice?

What do you know? – Maeve Higgins: Being a sycophant

Review – Claudia O’Doherty: Cheap psychics

Index – Featuring selected entries from the index of Living History by Hillary Clinton ________________________________________________________


Rudyard Kipling – Values in Life

Chris Mikul – Dreamscapes

Martin Slattery – Sun Ra vs Fake Tan

Nick Sun – On Dying (with images from the series Harmony of the Worlds by SPOD)

Jon Jureidini  – Against Compromise ________________________________________________________


Alyssa McDonald – The Missing: Looking for the lost (with selected images from the series I would have seen you safely home by Katie Breckon)

Eddie Sharp – Ned Kelly’s Last Stand: One man’s Disneyland on the Hume

Lucy Kaldor – The Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition and the Contest for the World’s Biggest Tree

Robert Kastenbaum – Practicing Dead

Craig Schuftan – Time Sucks: 70s and 90s rock (with drawings by Simon Greiner) ________________________________________________________


Edward Summerton – Bird of the Devil

Guo Jian – From 2000 to Now

Adam Hill – A Native Arrangement

Nagai Masato – Abstracts

Sprego – Drawings

Alli Sebastian Wolf – Diaramas



Courtney Collins – The Burial (excerpt)

Rita Kalnejais – How to Breathe Through Someone Else’s Mouth ________________________________________________________


Darren Hanlon – Thumb, Accounting



Capture the Fade – Ampersand Magazine Photography Competition with an introduction by judge Bill Henson

The Drones and Emily Hunt – Sixteen Straws