Issue 1 – Edition Zero



& Things

Letters to the editor
Letters to the editors of entirely different publications, in different countries and at different points of history

A time travellers’ guide
Club and society meetings

Oxford men’s college entrance exam questions 1957-67 as answered by contemporary musicians
Gareth Liddiard, The Drones – Question 8. Defend or attack any one of the following: eugenics, psychoanalysis, nudism, superstition, pop art, music criticism.

Peter Combe
What do you know: How to be a kids’ entertainer

Courtney Collins
What do you know: The true story of Harry Houdidni’s 1910 trip to Melbourne

Gerard Hynes
What do you know: The name of Christ



Chris Flynn
Paradise Syndrome

Warwick Mayne Wilson
Tamarama Gully – In search of beauty lost

Shannon Holopainen
The Good Mixers

Adam Jasper Smith
The Geometry of Filth – A treatise on the subject of Christian Enzenberger’s SMUT: An Anatomy of Dirt

Stuart Braun
The Last Refuge

Carl Anthony
Inside the Square – Political symbolism and Ike Eisenhower



Scott McPherson

Heidi Yardley

The Suitcase Royale, Simon Greiner and Alice Gage
Adventures of the Suitcase Royale

Tom Civil
Civilians United

Leo Greenfield
Beards of Paradise

Kitty Hazell
Untitled Photographs



Eddie Sharp
Erotic Fan Fiction – Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton

Abhishek Chaundry
Call Centre Hearts, Part One



Bonny Cassidy
The House, Gould’s Resplendent Trogon



Raelene Marshall
Dry Stone Walls