We are not taking unsolicited submissions at the moment, due to the recent release of Issue 6 – we’re taking a bit of a break.

But if you have a brilliant idea that you can’t let go of and have read the submission guidelines, you can contact the editor: alice’at’

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Voiceworks (writers under 25 years old)


Submission guidelines

General guidelines for writers
Ampersand is an art and culture journal that explores creativity, societal change and the human condition through multi-disciplines . We are interested in the discussion of any subject matter, particularly that which is unfashionable, unorthodox, illuminating or rare. Aesthetically and textually, Ampersand concentrates on bringing together academia and popular culture, seriousness and humour, innovation and tradition. We have a penchant for history and echoes of the past. We enjoy contemporary art that has strong societal contexts. We are political, and interested in the fallout of religion and globalisation. We intertwine it all with absurdity, sex and cheap laughs.

Columns appear at the front of the magazine, and include opinion pieces; true stories; dissections of art, literature, politics and history; reportage; commentary and criticism.
500 – 1500 words

Ampersand is open to a variety of authorial voices, from academic to idiomatic, from journalistic to idiosyncratic. Please familiarise yourself with Ampersand’s ethos and previous content before submitting. Essays must reflect the theme in some way. We appreciate supporting imagery if available, and are open to image-based features (just keep in mind they will be printed in black and white).
3000 – 4000 words

Ampersand’s reviews are not about selling or unqualified opinions. Our reviews are on general subjects, and involve a first person narrative and exploration of one thing – an artist’s whole body of work, a place or a service, for example. We do not publish unfounded rants or matter related to mainstream culture unless they are striking, contextualised interestingly or humourous.

500 – 1500 words

Verse (fiction and poetry)
Ampersand publishes two short stories and the work of one poet in each issue.
2000 – 4000 words

SPECIFICATIONS – Please submit your work as a Word document, accompanied by an introductory email giving a brief explanation of what you are sending, its word count, and which section you think it would suit.

Other thoughts:
– We pride ourselves on excellent editorship, and have pride in our writers for their superior research.
– Please no physical submissions (email only)


General Guidelines for Artists

Exhibiting artists
Artists exhibit work, not necessarily created for the magazine, over eight colour pages.

Commissioned artists
Artists are commissioned to create a series of works that relate to the theme of the issue, to be used throughout the magazine. They will be printed in black and white.

Featured artists
Artists are invited to submit small works – usually illustrations – to be used throughout the magazine. They will be printed in black and white.

Artist projects
Two projects every issue are instigated as a collaboration between artists, individuals and the magazine, and are generally invitation only. If printed within the magazine (these projects may appear as a DVD, CD, poster, or otherwise) these artworks will be in colour.

We welcome all kinds of visual art (given we can print high-quality images of them) including painting, photography, collage, illustration, sculpture, conceptual projects and text-based work.

SPECIFICATIONS: Please email a brief statement about the work/idea with a few low resolution jpg images.

Please familiarise yourself with Ampersand’s ethos and previous content before submitting.

We do our best to reply to all submissions within 2–3 weeks, but time and volume may prevent us from providing individual feedback.

Floating, Heidi Yardley – from issue 1, Edition Zero