Ampersand Magazine is a curiosity journal based in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, which retails for AU$15.00. We have been annual, we have been bi-annual, we have been quarterly. These days we are as frequent as necessary. Meaning, infrequently.

Ampersand explores creativity, societal change and the human condition through multiple disciplines. We are interested in the discussion of any subject matter, particularly that which is unfashionable, unorthodox, illuminating or rare. Ampersand brings together academia and popular culture, enquiry and humour, innovation and tradition, opinion and evidence. We have a penchant for history and echoes of the past. We are interested in all modes of visual art. We are political, and interested in the fallout of religion and globalisation. We intertwine it all with absurdity, sex and cheap laughs.

Postal address:
Ampersand HQ
Nicholas Building
915/37 Swanston Street
Victoria 3000

Alice Gage – (+61) 415 923 164

Twitter – @AmpersandMag

Created by:
Editor – Alice Gage

Fiction Editor – Charlie Garber

Contributing Editor – Erik Jensen

Assistant Editor – Natalie Quinlivin

Design – Mikie Inglis

Editorial Advisory Board
Miles O’Neil, Darren Hanlon, Bill Henson, Sarah Booth, Simone Mandl, Kali Reid, Nick Coyle, Roland Barthes.