Issue 5 in stores 13th Feb – that’s next Monday by my calculations


Issue 5 is an absolute beauty – we are immensely proud of it.

Pre-order here and have delivered to your porch or perhaps your common mailbox area for you inner-city apartment dwellers – either way the lazy and intelligent option for any contemporary thinker.

Featuring Dan Kelly, John Birmingham, Sebastian Meyer, Thomas Henning, Eric Hanson, soda_jerk, Toby Schmitz, Michael Bracewell, Ralph Myers, Jenny Kee, Lillian O’Neil, Amelia Stein, Prudence Murphy, James Harney, Bonny Cassidy, Ben Ezra, Jess Cook, Rosita Holmes, Camilla Tadich, Øivin Horvei, Joseph Bowman, Deborah May Birch, Camilla Palmer, Mark Sutton and Hugh Nichols.

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