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Buy a sub for a pal this Yuletide

C L I C K   T O   G E T   I N V O L V E D  

Indie publishing in Brooklyn

Care of

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Ampersand nominated for a SMAC Award

Every year, FBi Radio conducts the SMAC Awards – Sydney’s truly interesting annual awards, given to the artists, musos, venues, promoters, creators and culture makers who keep the city’s creative heart beating. The SMACs exist to award originality, creativity and innovation: to celebrate the leaders, thinkers and doers of Sydney.

We are very chuffed to be nominated in the Best Collective category.

And we need your vote! Click here to wield your democratic power and give a shout on our behalf.

Many thanks to you, and to FBi.

Response to ‘Perth, Australia’ (issue 4)

By Gemma Weston at OK Gallery, Perth.