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First sighting a day early!

Edgecliff Station newsagency

Issue 4 in stores September 1

Yep. Pretty bloody exciting. ‘From the heart of the forest to the edge of the road’ is almost with us.

You can pre-order right here.


Senator Bob Brown on his life at Liffey, Tasmania
Tommy Murphy
on living with his father’s Alzheimer’s
Adam Jasper Smith
on the liquidation of Fisher Library
Amelia Groom
on iconoclasm
Fabian Muir
on the ghost towns of Chernobyl
Tracey Moffatt
‘s ‘Plantation’ series
Artist project by My Darling Patricia
Art by Anna Kristensen, Craig Reynolds, Tom Polo, Tjala Arts (Central Australia) and Lucy Parakhina
Comics by Leigh Rigozzi
Fiction by Thomas Henning and Nick Coyle
Poetry by Jess Cook
Oxford Men’s College Question answered by Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint

And that’s just the nutshell.

Submissions now open for Issue 5 – War

Stefan Wermuth/Reuters

The theme for Summer 2012 – Issue 5 is ‘War’.

Submissions are now open to writers and artists of all persuasions.

See the submission guidelines page for more information.

Draft deadline – August 26 2011
Email work and questions to Alice –

Introducing Rack – a blog about magazines

I spend a lot of money on magazines. A lot. Too much. But does a painter paint without paint? No way, that’s impossible and it makes no sense. So I thought considering the monetary value of my ever-growing collection and the amount of time I spend pouring over each one, thieving ideas and scoffing in turn, that I may as well do something tangible with the fetish and make good use of why the scientists made the internet. So impassioned bad writers could publicise their opinions.

So here we have Rack. It’s for the publishing and small press nerds. You might find something you’d like to pick up yourselves. That’s all.