You wish to go to the Festival? [ALL THREE] The Festival? The King’s Festival?

Alice Gage and Pip Smith of Penguin Plays Rough at the EWF small press fair.

The Emerging Writers’ Festival was a bit of a treat last weekend – a great chance for a tremendous amount of geeks to converge and talk about fonts and paper thickness.

After the indie publishing workshop at the Wheeler Centre on Saturday, which we re-named ‘Are you an idiot? You want to start a magazine? Presented by Ampersand Magazine and dogs wearing clothes’ (which no doubt proved invaluable to the publishing-aspirant attendees, example slide below) we hosted a small press social drinking event and had some great chats with folks from Vignette Press, Visible Ink (RMIT Journal) and our friend Pip Smith from Penguin Plays Rough.

On Sunday Penguin Plays Rough and Ampersand had to endure each others’ company for another 5 hours WHICH WAS A PLEASURE. The whole day was a pleasure, actually, if not a bit chilly. We made lots of new friends, including Death of a Scenester, a great lit-zine and Lachlann Carter from Pigeons who is doing amazing stuff with kids and literature. Artist Tai Snaith came to say hello as did Telia Nevile and Tom Doig who were a part of the 48 Hour Play Generator performances (which only some of us could go to because some of us had to be on the bloody stall).

Anyway it was a fantastic nerd convention and great fun! Thank you Emerging Writers’ Festival and Lisa Dempster and the city of Melbourne!

This was the kind of nonsense the workshop was based around. Very informative. You should have been there.

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