Launch of The Fade…

Host and Gamesmaster Gus Murray.

This is what we did on Thursday night: Charlie Garber read Nick Sun’s piece from the issue. Then a man resembling a Disney prince and his assistant – a Na’vi wearing a glowing spider suit and white runners – hosted trivia. Then we played an epic round of the Box Game. Mister Music, a moustachioed DJ in a sparkling bowler hat, kept the soundtrack right. Don’t be fooled, this was no average night at Palms Retirement Home.

Many thanks to all the wonderful people of Serial Space for having us, to Charlie, Gus, Tyson and Nick, and to everyone that came along and got involved, even the ones that were so competitive that they transcended their physical shortcomings to stay in the game. You weirdos.

Tyson Koh

Pictures by Lucy Parakhina and Tarra Hunchak.

More pictures here.

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