Submissions now open for Issue 4

Ingeborg Tyssen Perisher Valley no 7 NSW, from the series From the heart of the forest to the edge of the road 1984.

Ampersand is looking for writers and artists to respond to the theme of Issue 4.

Its title is taken from that of a photographic series by Ingeborg Tyssen:
From the heart of the forest to the edge of the road.

It explores ideas of remoteness, beyond the city limits, the outskirts, the highway, the wild, silence, the borderlands, urban sprawl, disconnection, missions, ghost towns, gated communities, seaside caravan parks, life in the desert, the bush, the end of the river, country backyards, trains storming into the blackness and so on and on and whatever else you may conjure.

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Deadline for expressions of interest – March 25
Deadline for final work – April 15
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