Issue 3 – The Fade, on its way

Emily Hunt, Plate 5 from the series Sixteen Straws.

What the bloody hell is The Fade? Well if you settle down and listen for a second you might find out. I’m talking to you, Steven and co., up the back there. Not funny, mate, I’ll be seeing you at lunchtime if you keep it up.

The Fade is uncertainty, powerlessness, will, remembering, forgetting, desire, decay, grand and humble histories, fate and fear. And, as they say in only the best department store catalogues, so much more:

Alyssa McDonald on the missing.
Craig Schuftan on the cyclical nature of pop music.
Robert Kastenbaum on the moment of death.
Eddie Sharp on a 73-year-old’s animatronic museum.
Lucy Kaldor on the Victorian (state and era) obsession for the world’s biggest tree.
Darren Hanlon on remembering.
Nick Sun on losing your mind.
Emily Hunt envisages ‘Sixteen Straws’ by The Drones.
Laura Jean answers a 1957-1967 Oxford Men’s College entrance exam question.
Claudia O’Doherty reviews cheap psychics.

And also, work by SPOD, Guo Jian, Alli Sebastian Wolf, Martin Slattery, Chris Mikul, Katie Breckon, Ei Kaneko, Nagai Masato, Rudyard Kipling, Jon Jureidini, Edward Summerton, Adam Hill and the winning pictures from Capture The Fade.

The Fade is due for release in mid-April and it’s a beauty.

Pre-order here.

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