Yelling At Stars DVD launch

Do come along.

On the final, freezing May night of the 2008 Next Wave Festival in Melbourne, Willoh S. Weiland performed her work Yelling At Stars to a heavily bundled audience at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. But they may not have been the only beings privy to this astounding work. Because as Willoh spoke, her voice was being sent via a DSCN dish in Florida into deep space. This was Australia’s first interstellar message. In equal measure love letter, confessional and SOS, YAS hoped to balance the enormity of speaking to space with the intimacy of a single person’s voice.

That was that, until last year when Willoh and I met and we talked about how YAS could live again. Willoh did an extraordinary thing and allowed us here at Ampersand to take the footage of that night and make it into a DVD, which, thanks to Performance Space, then appeared as a supplement in Janus Faces.

So we are very pleased to announce that YAS will once again be showed to a mass audience, for the first time since the original performance, at Performance Space ClubHouse on May 27.

We do so very dearly hope you can make it.

The night involves a screening of the DVD, and a chat with Willoh and Alice.

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